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2017: The year in social media

December 18, 2017

Via: Marketing Land

Social media has been in the spotlight for years; in 2017 it went under the microscope. Scrutiny surrounding Facebook’s and Twitter’s roles in Russian entities’ efforts to use their ad platforms to subvert the 2016 US presidential election followed them […]

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4 Trends in TV and Digital Media That Will Shake Up the Industry in 2018

December 15, 2017

Via: Adweek

Finding success as a digital media publisher in the past year has been a messy, frustrating pursuit. Digital entertainment media publishers and other news organizations turning to the same platforms as each other; it’s difficult to differentiate and therefore stand-out. […]

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18 Bullish Stats About the State of U.S. Advertising

December 14, 2017

Via: Adweek

With so much existential debate around the future of agencies, the impact of automation and prophecies about the end of advertising as we know it, one can be forgiven for feeling that the industry is in a dark place. And, […]

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When Should You Gate Your Content? 3 Questions to Help You Decide

December 13, 2017

Via: Aberdeen Essentials

Gating content like white papers and e-books behind forms and pop-ups is now so popular and widespread that it’s difficult to find a modern website that doesn’t do it. Though perhaps obnoxious, it’s perfectly understandable given that lead generation has […]

Media, Television launches attention-getting analytics for TV ads

December 12, 2017

Via: Marketing Land monitors TV ads, getting regular data streams from software on 10 million Vizio TVs. The Bellevue, Washington-based company is now taking its ad monitoring a step further by releasing three analytics products to measure viewers’ attention when ads are shown. […]

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These 8 New Digital Stats Show Social Networks’ Growing Pains as the Industry Booms

December 11, 2017

Via: Adweek

The digital ad industry is both maturing (social networks are exploding) and experiencing growing pains (viewability issues and brand safety problems) like never before. This week’s version of Adweek’s intriguing digital marketing stats seemingly work together to underscore that reality […]

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What Facebook and Instagram Synergy Means for Influencer Marketing

December 8, 2017

Via: Adweek

Facebook recently made some big moves to bridge the gap between its user bases on Facebook and Instagram. Things like allowing Instagram Stories to be posted to Facebook and Facebook Canvas being used in ads for Instagram Stories are just a few ways that […]

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Stop the Insanity: Why TV Audience Targeting Matters Right Now

December 8, 2017

Via: Ad Age

It’s often said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result. In that context, I would argue that the media business is fairly insane right now. Many examples support this […]

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AI, Deep Learning Enhances Analytics For TV

December 7, 2017

Via: Media Post

The convergence of broadcast television and internet-delivered content services has become a reality — one that soon will be cemented by the media industry’s embrace of ATSC 3.0. In this cross-media environment, broadcast stations face many challenges, a mix of […]

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5 Reasons Your Startup Isn’t Getting the PR You Need

December 6, 2017

Via: Entrepreneur

Getting press coverage for your startup has become increasingly difficult. With an average of 550,000 new businesses starting each month, you’re facing some serious competition to gain traction with your audience. If you don’t take the right approach to PR, you’ll see […]